Driving operational improvements at the China manufacturing operation of an American multi-national through the implementation of employee development programs and lean/six sigma initiatives.


Due to increasing labour tensions throughout China since 2013, our client (a major multi national brand in the consumer goods market) took the initiative to proactively implement a management and employee development program at their Ningbo, China operation in an effort to show staff that our client was ahead of the curve in terms of ensuring a modern day working environment that dealt with both shareholder objectives as well as local China employee welfare. The location in question had a direct workforce in excess of 2000 employees.


Infinite Sum installed a project team that combined members from our offices in USA, China and Europe. The team worked very closely with our clients corporate office in North America to ensure any such solution in China was consistent with our clients corporate values, in addition to ensuring it encompassed the firms business objectives both globally and in China. Over a period of 18 months, the Infinite Sum team worked alongside our client North American and China management team to design and implement a solution that would see an almost immediate turnaround both in terms of business performance and culture at their China operation.

After six months, due to the success of the employee development program, the project was expanded to develop the local China team to begin implementing lean/six sigma initiatives. This step was deemed impossible prior to the employee development program being initiated.


Significantly improved working environment at our clients China manufacturing location, which highlighted improvements not only in terms employee satisfaction levels, but also in terms of increased quality performance, higher productivity and overall lower cost of production.