Various consumer products packaged by Commercial Packaging

Helping leading American packaging distributor “Commercial Packaging” establish, grow and manage their manufacturing and supplier network in China, India and Vietnam.


Commercial Packaging, being one of the largest packaging distributors in North America, has a broad range of flexible packaging suppliers around the globe. As their supply network was growing in multiple countries, they wished to outsource the on-going development and management of their international supply network to an organization with a strong global presence on-the-ground in the packaging industry. They chose Infinite Sum as their long-term partner.


Infinite Sum team designed and implemented a robust supplier management quality system for multiple packaging suppliers in various countries covering many different flexible product categories. The solution involved the permanent long-term presence of an on-the-ground infinite sum team dedicated to managing and improving the client supply network on an on-going basis. In addition, a customized version of our supplier management technology suite was installed, providing a web-based solution linking suppliers, Commercial Packaging and their suppliers on one integrated solution.


Created an effective flexible packaging supply management system that developed, tested and delivered product from numerous factories and suppliers in various countries in Asia and Latin America. The installed technology solution that supported the Infinite Sum team, provided our client and their customers real-time access to the PO status and associated quality performance through a simple browser.