Infinite Sum chosen by Doux Matok to accelerate their goal to become global leader in sugar reduction solutions.

Infinite Sum have been chosen by Doux Matok to accelerate the company’s path of growth and transformation from development company to major global supplier of sugar reduction solutions to the food & beverage industries. The project will help Doux Matok to address challenges such as how to obtain global scale through building supply relationships with major sugar refineries, while leveraging the supply network to penetrate and grow within the markets that are currently supplied by those same refineries.

Infinite Sum will provide Doux Matok with program governance, market strategy and global supply development consulting services, delivered primarily from Infinite Sum North American and European offices.

“The growing pressure on global food producers to reduce sugar levels is coming from governments, consumer groups and health professionals worldwide, and the scramble to find solutions to deliver this reduction continues to create significant disruption to the food industry,” said Evan Harter, Infinite Sum executive in charge of managing the Doux Matok relationship. “This is a remarkable solution developed by Doux Matok to deliver sugar reduction and Infinite Sum welcomes the opportunity to work with this innovative and well-established development company as it reshapes, enhances and accelerates new capabilities and services to its customers in the food industry, and this program is fully aligned with Infinite Sums strategic agenda of supporting our existing clients within the food industry deliver sugar reduction solutions”.

“Doux Matok is enthusiastic about this new ambitious collaboration with Infinite Sum. We are confident this strategic partnership will help Doux Matok gain a significant competitive market advantage in addition to scale by using the broad food industry expertise and network of relationships that Infinite Sum offers,” said Eran Baniel, Chief Executive Office of Doux Matok.

About Infinite Sum

Infinite Sum is a global management consulting firm made up of experienced business executives and consultants that deliver immediate and long-term solutions and real profit to our clients. Since 1993, we have been retained as consultants and trusted partners to many clients ranging from fortune 500s to some with revenues of less than $100m.

Combining deep industry knowledge with specialised expertise in global sourcing, operations consulting and international market development and sales solutions we advise our clients on their most critical issues and opportunities relating to their global initiatives.We provide this advice and support across numerous industries and geographies, with particular emphasis on emerging markets.

About Doux Matok

Headquartered in Israel, DouxMatok has developed, successfully tested, and is currently optimizing technologies to make sugars with enhanced sweetness, enabling the use of considerably less sugar in a variety of food products and beverages while retaining the same “full sugar experience”: same taste as sugar that consumers are looking for, with significantly lower caloric value, with similar energizing effect, no aftertastes and at a cost which is equal or lower compared with the sugar reduced.